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209 Macnab Street North - Click Here for Map
Hamilton, Ontario
L8R 2M5
Phone: (905) 549-1702
Fax: (905) 549-7965
Cell: (905) 818-2340
E-mail: scacoilo_hamiltonsecondary@bellnet.ca

Unit Executive

President Sergio Cacoilo
First Vice-President Vince Lepore
Second Vice-President Jeff Zwolak
Treasurer Massimo Grilli
Recording Officer Derek Perz
Communications-Political Action Attilla Felkai
Chief Negotiator Phil Roberto
Health and Safety Officers Sean Bates
Staff Rep - BR Matthew Chiarot
Staff Rep - BT Dino Cavarzan
Staff Rep - CHS Paul Bertoia
Staff Rep - CN Elizabeth Bolger
Staff Rep - SJB Tony Delville
Staff Rep - STM Glenn Herrell
Staff Rep - St.Mary Sean Bates
Counselor Phil Roberto
Counselor Randy Gallagher
Staff Observer Continuing Education - Grace Jesus
Volunteer Contact N.M.C. - M. Kneisz
Volunteer Contact Martins Manor - J. Pedder

Latest News

Unit General Meeting Oct.29th (4:00pm)-Budget approval (Map...)

Unit General Meeting Feb 23rd (4:00pm) - LTSP decisions, Approve LTD (Map...)

Unit General Meeting May 25th (4pm) - Elections Speeches (Map...)